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About Robbie.

Robbie Woodward is a British-born designer and creative director crafting conceptual spaces and brand story worlds that reflect 20 years of global travel and visceral relationships with luxury boutique hotels, forming an eclectic maturity that merges Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean influences with poetic and stimulating resolve.


The house of a thousand stories.

Founded in 2016 as a public relations and branding studio for international travel brands and luxury boutique hotels, the Birmingham-based company has matured, by design, into a diverse creative studio and lifestyle brand that redefines the relationship between independent hotels and their guests.


Born of the belief that our time with a destination doesn't simply end and should be encouraged to follow us home, the evolution of Leilani Living is in part conceptual, in part organic, and as a whole, unites a global community of travellers with the visions of independent hoteliers from around the world.

As we move to a post-pandemic reality, the boutique studio's ambitions are resolute, if ever-evolving. From the tropical-modernist disposition of South-East Asia to the experiential intensity of Latin America and beyond, we're connecting hotels with the world and realising spaces that bring paradise home.

Our homes. An expression of who we are.

Our travels. A manifestation of where we want to be.

Our culture. Defined by the realisation, they can both be one and the same.


If you're lucky, you'll have a memory of a space that made you feel consciously alive. A place of magical realism where dreams and reality unite. Where senses are heightened, and confinement recedes, juxtaposed against everyday life. For us, that shouldn't be a memory. For us, that should be whenever and wherever you are.

Resort-style living on a rainy day in Kauai, Hawaii. Studio East 23
Resort-style home inspiration - Studio East 23

Studio Leilani is a multi-disciplinary creative studio, hospitality consultancy, and media house inspired by resort-style living. The vision of co-founders Robbie Woodward and Robert Piper, our work nurtures a holistic ecosystem between luxury boutique hotels, resort-focused brands, and the people who embrace a resort state of mind.


Working across experiential communications, brand architecture and brand strategy, creative direction, media and publishing, we're bringing people and places closer together through the Leilani Living brands.

The endless pursuit of bringing people and places closer together.

The stillness that comes when you discover a destination whose alchemy promotes the surrender of modern noise is something we seek from places often found elsewhere. Understanding that this sense of tranquillity comes from fulfilling our instinctive need to rest and rediscover, igniting our passion and imagination and nourishing our minds, allows us to live holistically - to feel alive.

It's this emotive journey that informs the fundamental principles of Leilani and how we work. Connecting like-minded people with spaces that captivate and inspire, whether through the considered design of guest experiences or narrating the story of our partners' boutique hotels.

Based in Birmingham, UK, the natural beauty and culturally diverse spirit of global travels are deeply woven into the fabric of our practice, curating an omnipresent language that is, by it's very nature, as unique as you are. 

A multi-disciplinary creative studio for a resort state of mind

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