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"We yearn for an immersive, fluid reality, where the spaces we seek for respite, indulgence, or gracious relief from the noise become the experience we demand of our every day."


Robbie Woodward is a British-born designer and creative director crafting conceptual spaces and brand story worlds that reflect 20 years of global travel and visceral relationships with luxury boutique hotels.

Robbie has always been an instigator of change, a disruptor, but one with a highly driven purpose. A child prodigy actor, landing major film and TV roles, his creative talents funded investments into hospitality, owning and operating multi-award-winning boutique hotels & restaurants throughout the millennium's first decade.

That success led to a mutual association with the world's major media houses, and his growing notoriety would win him a post with a market-leading travel publisher, quickly becoming a senior account man for global tourism authorities, airlines and luxury hotels. In 2015, Woodward launched Ohana Comms, which would become Studio Leilani, changing how people emotionally connect with the world.


A self-professed contradiction of terms, over more than two decades, he has personified subliminal artistry toward the balance of opposites, leaning into instinct and cultural experiences to bring people and places closer together. An unapologetically fearless creative whose eye for detail and innate curiosity leads to the nuanced execution of moments and immersive environments that challenge the rules of engagement.


Woodward believes that everything we experience should leave us feeling a sense of belonging; in his own words: "The world has changed, and with it, so has what we expect from it. Covid-19 has transformed how we live, how we work, and the relationships we hold with our preferred spaces. Never have they been more an echo of who we are. We yearn for an immersive, fluid reality, where the places we seek for respite, indulgence, or gracious relief from the noise become the experience we demand of our every day."


Woodward maintains that the best hotels and homes are, at their core, a miscellany of stories where guests create unique and personal experiences to form a never-ending narrative. It is less about the collection of things or how we present them and more about how they make us feel. That profound empathy and understanding that what we desire goes beyond physical, tangible objects solidify the notion that we are greater than the sum of parts, and his passion for culture-driven design in all its iterations, fuels the charisma that makes this ecosystem work.

His education, experience, and travels have brought about a multi-faceted talent and an intellect that purifies compositions and concepts into cohesive worlds, breathing life to an eclectic aesthetic that merges Latin, Asian, and Mediterranean influences with poetic and stimulating resolve.

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