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Destination Anywhere

Resort-Style Living and Design  /

Brand Architecture and Hotel PR

The endless pursuit of bringing people and places closer together.

The art of telling a story is, by definition, by design.

Welcome to Leilani Living. The endless pursuit of bringing people and places closer together.

A celebration of escapism, creating immersive, mood-enhancing solutions for independent hoteliers, and narrating stories for luxury boutique hotels of the world.


We're not an agency. We're a collective of brilliant minds who understand business problems and mastermind creative ways of solving them, for you.

Hand in hand.
Redefining legacies for boutique hotels.

The Journal

Extraordinary destinations

From the exotic allures of Latin America to the natural and spiritual heart of South East Asia, to understand a destination is to understand its complexities, people and cultures. Our unique experience of the most inspirational destinations on earth allows us to curate diverse stories and manifest visions with poetically authentic immersion. Approaching every project with empathy for its inspiration, Leilani delivers unparalleled experiences that encourage guests emotional attachments to luxury boutique hotels and hotels that, to their guests, feel as familiar as home.

Cultured by association

Fuelled by collaboration, our culture defines our process. Working with you, is the only way we work. In doing so, what emerges is holistic and organic. A balanced architecture that evolves, naturally, and unfolds as though it has always belonged.

At your service. Your proverbial concierge.

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to anything. Studio Leilani is about creating bespoke moments and experiences, unearthing your needs, and nurturing them to reality. Your proverbial concierge for a lifestyle that leans towards a looser kind of luxury and celebrates a resort state of mind. 

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